Our governments in UP, Assam and Karnataka shot anti-CAA protesters 'like dogs': Dilip Ghosh

He maintained there are just two crore"Muslim infiltrators" from the nation.

"At Assam and Uttar Pradesh, our authorities has ever taken those protesters for example canines.  These certainly were detained and instances have been filed ," Ghosh explained.
"They'll appear right here, love all of the services and ruin region's land.  Might it be even their zamindari!"  He inquired.
Ghosh also known as pinpointing these"undermining the pursuits" of all Hindu Bengalis.

BJP Bengal device president Dilip Ghosh about Sunday courted the other controversy,'' stating at Assam, Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka, protesters ended up"shot for example dogs from our govt" and also rued not one bullet was terminated in Bengal throughout the protests towards the Declaration (Amendment) Act.

"a single crore by yourself is at West Bengal and also Mamata Banerjee is attempting to safeguard them" he alleged.
"Can it be the dad's land of people that are putting people land about flame?  How will they ruin govt land assembled on taxpayers' funds "  Ghosh explained.

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